Scrap cable stripper

STmini- III / Scrab cable stripper

GMK Inc. scrap cable stripper is designed and manufactured to strip scrap cables of various sizes and configuration. The positions of the upper and lower knives can be adjusted to fit for the thickness of the cable jacket. This design enables easy and efficient stripping of the inner cover after cutting the outer cover. So, a single GMK Inc. scrap cable stripper can provide the work performance of several machines. Short delivery time is guaranteed due to the operation center. The machine is welcomed in the global market.

Application cable
Up to Φ1~ Less than Φ 40mm
Cutting speed10m / min
Total power
0.5HP / 0.4kw
220v / 50~60Hz / Single Phase
Dimension680mm x 262mm x 373.5mm / 50kg

Φ1~13mm cutting holes

Φ14~40mm cutting holes

Knifves & Guide Rack(Option)



1. Φ16 → Φ13~15 Cable available

2. Φ22 → Φ16~15 Cable available

3. Φ32 → Φ21~30 Cable available

4. Φ42 → Φ31~40 Cable available



1. Φ73 → Φ13~30 Cable available

2. Φ60 → Φ22~40 Cable available


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